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Japanese Rooms

Have we forgotten something?

It's easy to do. In this world of high pressure, stress and anxiety, it's very easy to forget the things that have brought us the greatest serenity.
In today's environment of plastic, steel, glass, concrete, fluorescent lights and carpeting, there is very little escape from the accumulated pressures of the day.

Wouldn't it be great to slip off your shoes and enter the world of calming sensations within a traditional Japanese room? The textured feeling of tatami mats beneath your feet, the relaxing smell of Cedar woods, the visual delights of selected burled woods in the Tokonoma and the soft, diffused light cast by shoji screens. If ever there was a place to relax, regroup your thoughts and re-charge your soul, Japanese rooms are the place.

Japanese Room
Japanese Room CTT Furniture is a San Diego based company specializing in authentic Japanese rooms, which has the ability to take an extra room or office and turn it into that serene environment described above. CTT imports many of the finest Japanese materials, from Tatami mats to Tokobashira, in order to custom build Japanese rooms of the highest quality.

Japanese Rooms price list.

From a simple 4 1/2 Mat room to Grand Tea room, CTT has the experience, craftsmanship and design ability to meet your demanding requirements. We are licensed and have many references and you have the benefit of dealing directly with the manufacturer, we have no sales people!

Please consider adding a Japanese room to your home or corporate facilities. The benefit to all who may enter this environment will be immediately recognized. Japanese will be reminded of the graciousness of life in Japan and Westerners will be impressed by the serenity and complexity of Japanese cultural aspects.
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